A picture is worth a thousand words. 
When words are sparse,
pictures become a language.


Billy's mission is to provide orphans around the world the means to communicate artistically through capturing moments of their lives. By accepting donations of gently used digital cameras, we will provide communities a manner to communicate their daily lives & the inspiration they find.


Our Goal


To compile photographs taken by kids for sale through various means with the proceeds being directly reinvested into the participating orphanages and communities. We are working to facilitate a once unobtainable means of creativity and self-expression through photography. 


How you can help


Donate Cameras

Do you have an old digital camera lying around? You can send it to a us and we will facilitate.

Donate Money

Donated funds will go to creating better opportunities for children to be creative.


Buy goods

We have a variety of different items for sale. Proceeds will go to helping get more cameras in more kids' hands.