Imagine your life without photographs

No pictures from your grandparents’ wedding or the birth of your first child. No family vacation photos from the Grand Canyon or a keep-sake from your best friend in 4th grade. Heck, not even any embarrassing tags on Facebook. This simple modern convenience which we take largely for granted has the power to unlock the creativity and more importantly spread joy to to so many in under-developed areas throughout the world.  


Most Cell Phones

today are equipped with quality cameras, so the need for a simple point-and-shoot digital camera has become nearly obsolete; I know mine has been collecting dust for some time. Billy’s Camera will happily accept your donated old camera and share it with under-privileged kids around the world, giving someone special the opportunity to love your camera once again.



Your Donated cameras can provide creativity

a means for children to explore their creativity through the lens, but they will also give kids something they can call their own, something tangible, and the ability to document their lives. Through the children’s creations, Billy’s Camera hopes to draw awareness to their particular situations while empowering the kids to have the creative freedom to display their lives from their point of view.


The true beauty of Billy’s Camera

is in the fact that our aim is to then compile, exhibit and sell through a variety of means the resulting photographs with the proceeds in turn being re-invested back into the schools, orphanages and communities depicted by our little shutterbugs. Billy’s Camera will create, through art, a self-sustaining network of charity for in-need children around the world.