(Starting top left to right)

Michal Trzaska – Resides in Greenwich, CT.  He enjoys running, photography, nature, and making everyone happy.  He is a very talented motion graphic designer, hence the awesome video Michal made for the Billy’s website.  He is hilarious and can make friends with anyone.

Jack Scotti – Lives in Long Island City, NY.  He is an amazing storyteller and can make just about anyone laugh.  He loves Kurt Vonnegut, frisbee, adventures, and throwing very successful Spikeball tournaments.  He gets kids into college daily by helping them with their college essays.

Bambi Barnum - Lives in Mill Valley, CA.  She loves Steven King, her dog Cinder, hiking, and photography.  She is passionate about Billy's and wants to see us grow.   

Jesse Hemingway – Resides in New Haven, CT.  He loves music, books, and golf. Jesse helped write most of the content on the Billy’s website and was the world’s best bartender at the Billy’s event.  

Yoni Goldberg – Lives in Los Angeles, CA.  He is a tremendously talented photographer.  He has traveled all over the word with his camera in tow. 

Matt Legrice – Lives in Brooklyn, NY.   He is an avid rock climber, incredible graphic designer, and fantastic guitar player.  He is the brilliant mastermind/creator behind the billy’s website and logo.

Pam Zuckerman – Lives in San Francisco, CA and is getting her Masters in Public Affairs.  She loves John Mulaney, tiny furniture, and knows everything about 30 Rock.  She helped tremendously with the Billy’s event and continues to help with all things creative.  

Chris Lee - Lives in Brooklyn, NY.  He loves good food, art, and philanthropy.  He heard about Billy's through a friend and immediately wanted to get involved.  He works at Adorama Cameras and has gone above and beyond to spread the word of Billy's. 

Emily Zuckerman – Lives in Atlanta, GA.  She is attending Emory University's Physician Assistant Program.  She loves peaches, Netflix, and the human body.  She is the Billy's editor and has been a major supporter since day one.

Lyla Weiss - Lives in Los Angeles, CA.  She loves coffee ice cream, good music, and farmer's markets.  She loves seeing people happy, especially kids. 

Joey Spitz - Lives in New York, NY.  He is a passionate Laker's fan.  Loves tacos, the beach, and playing bass guitar.